Welcome to Circa Flags, a company created out of a passion for the beach and a desire to connect with fellow beach-goers. Our founders, Ann and Terry, have been beach enthusiasts from a very young age. Ann’s family has had a house in North Wildwood since 1959, which has been passed down through generations. Terry, on the other hand, grew up on Jones Beach in Long Island and later spent many years in Ocean City, NJ, before settling in North Wildwood for the past 15 years.

After years of spending their summers on the beach, Ann and Terry noticed the same people returning year after year. They became curious about who these fellow beach-goers were and how long they had been coming to “their” beach. This curiosity led to the creation of Circa Flags, a small company aimed at bringing fun and connection to your favorite beach.

At Circa Flags, we are committed to sharing our love for the beach with others. We specialize in creating personalized beach flags that allow you to showcase your unique style and personality while also serving as a fun conversation starter with your fellow beach-goers. Our flags are perfect for families, couples, groups of friends, and anyone who wants to make their spot on the beach a little more personalized and enjoyable.

We are proud to be a small business and value our customers above all else. Our mission is to spread joy and bring people together through our love of the beach. Thank you for choosing Circa Flags, and we look forward to seeing you on the sand!